Knowledge of Indian Culture is helpful to be an attractive and balanced personality.

Owing to scientific base, spiritual foundation, philosophical background and immense qualities of unparalleled significance, Indian Culture attracts the intellectual mass most in this materialistic world. But our dwindling faith in God, diminishing ethical, moral and social values, inhuman behavior, increasing selfishness, loss of wisdom etc are causing immense harm to this glorious culture.

About Us

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This is a holistic education programme, teaching and then testing the student in moral, tulsidas cultural and ancient science and technology (On which entire modern science is based) of India. This programme is a part of multifarious activities of Shantikunj (Click here for details.) headquartered at Haridwar ,a World famous international spiritual organization known as All World Gayatri Pariwar created by the great ascetic Pt. SriRam Sharma Acharya. Read More

Our Vision

We through BSGP wish to mould the basic structure of education in Indian schools. We are modulating the curriculum in accordance to the demand of the times. Schools need to strongly value “peaceful coexistence with people from other cultures” and “pride for the country, the national anthem, and national flag.” Read More

History & Achievements

It is organized by Shantikunj, Haridwar , the famous shrine devoted to cultural, ethical, moral and spiritual awakening of the masses, with a follower base of 50 million people worldwide, and more than 4000 centers in India. It has constituted committees at its headquarter and state, district and teshil levels all over the country for conducting the examination. These committees at different levels have well defined functions. Read More

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Resent Activities

Aim of Examination

  • To build up human values in students along with normal school/ college education.
  • To awaken cultural and spiritual consciousness.
  • To introduce the importance of Indian Culture.
  • To inspire the students for refinement of character, adoption of ideal path, development of divinity, noble deeds and importance of human glory.
  • Elimination of bad company and create awareness against all kinds of evil habits and addictions
  • Development of self-confidence - cultural, ethical, moral values, no vested interests, increased love for national glory and humanitarian service.
  • To introduce the students to the pristine glory and greatness of the Indian culture and important scientific researches of the Indian sages.
  • Development of human values and teaching of the art of living.
  • Holistic development of the personality
  • Development of the intelligence quotient (I.Q.), emotional quotient (E.Q) and spiritual quotient (S.Q.)
  • Aimed at development of refinement in thinking, character and behavior.
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