Ideal path of Student life

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Our Soleman pledge     [Top]

       We have absolute faith in omnipresent and justice of the Almighty God; and we will abide by his commands.
           We will treat our body as a temple of god and will maintain sound health by practicing self-control, Self-contentment and regular exercising.
By regular holy reading and holy-assemblies, we will protect ourselves from all sorts of evil thoughts and evil deeds.
     We will exercise self-control, thought control, brahmacharya and punctuality in our life.We will treat ourselves as an inseparable unit of society and will work for the cause and concern of the welfare of mankind.
   We will follow social discipline, civil rules and social laws.
   We believe that honesty, responsibility, bravery and comprehensiveness are essential ingredients of human life.
    We will create around us an atmosphere of friendliness, simplicity, cleanliness and virtuousness.
Instead of practicing unethical tactics, we will accept the failure.
   We believe that assessment of human being does not depend upon his materialistic success, ability or achievements; however, we will appreciate his worthy thoughts and worthy acts.
    We will not do those acts that are not liked by us.
Men and women will have holy and cultural orderliness in their attitude towards each other.
    We will regularly contribute our time, influence, knowledge and earning for extension of righteousness.
  We will prefer prudence to customs and traditions.
  We will devote ourselves for organizing gentlemen. For fighting antics and for reformation activities.
     We will respect the equality and national unity. We will not follow discrimination of caste, creed, sex, language or religion.
         We believe that man is a creator of his own carrier. If we cultivate virtuosity with in ourselves and make others virtuosity within ourselves and make others virtuous, new era of virtuosity will come soon.
     If we change ourselves, era will be changed; if we refine ourselves, era will be refined.

Aim of Examination

  • To build up human values in students along with normal school/ college education.
  • To awaken cultural and spiritual consciousness.
  • To introduce the importance of Indian Culture.
  • To inspire the students for refinement of character, adoption of ideal path, development of divinity, noble deeds and importance of human glory.
  • Elimination of bad company and create awareness against all kinds of evil habits and addictions
  • Development of self-confidence - cultural, ethical, moral values, no vested interests, increased love for national glory and humanitarian service.
  • To introduce the students to the pristine glory and greatness of the Indian culture and important scientific researches of the Indian sages.
  • Development of human values and teaching of the art of living.
  • Holistic development of the personality
  • Development of the intelligence quotient (I.Q.), emotional quotient (E.Q) and spiritual quotient (S.Q.)
  • Aimed at development of refinement in thinking, character and behavior.
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