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Environment     [Top]

Everything around us is our environment. We must be aware of it and should try to understand it deeply. We should find out the factor polluting our environment. We must prevent our environment from pollution.
Earth:   Like our mother, earth nourishes us. Chemical fertilizers are making it poisonous. Food grains, vegetables and fruits are getting polluted. Fertility of soil is decreasing gradually. There is a danger of infertility; and soon there will be nothing to eat.
Uncontrolled growth of population: Pressure of uncontrolled growth of population is creating hazards of land problem. Agricultural land is decreasing day by day. Financial crisis is increasing rapidly.
Water pollution:   Washer men wash the clothes in lakes, tanks and ponds. Stray cattles also enter in these water sources for the need of drinking water. They pollute the water by their urine and droppings. People take bath at the same place and this polluted water is used for drinking also. It creates numerous diseases.
Waste water is thrown in the rivers like Ganges, Yamuna, Narmada, Tapi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri and their rivulets. Dirty water of nalas also joins these rivers and rivulets. Sometimes even dead bodies also thrown in the river. Chemically polluted water of industries is also drained into these rivers and rivulets. Such water contains poisonous gases dissolved in it. Thousands of devotees take bath in these rivers and drink the same water. Holiness of these rivers has been decreased due to increasing dirtiness of their water.
Due to decrease in rainfall, scarcity of water is felt everywhere. Water level in wells, tanks and rivers is going low, irrigation is becoming problematic. Heavy illicit felling of trees is also affecting the rainfall adversely.
Air pollution:   Poisonous smoke of industries, motor vehicles, bidis and cigarettes is creating continuous hazards of air pollution.
Noise pollution : Disturbing sound is called noise. Up to 20 to 30 decibels, noise remains harmless; but when it rises to 130 decibels, it becomes unbearable and intolerable. Noise from 130 to 150 decibels becomes absolutely intolerable. Noise pollution can cause decrease in secretion of hormones, contraction of blood vessels, increase in palpitation of heart, variation in blood pressure, disorders in alimentary canal and tension in muscles.
Thought pollution :   Environment gets polluted due to evil thoughts. Evil thoughts get spread up with in no time. They provoke others to follow the same. Ultimately, entire atmosphere and society becomes polluted.
All above problems need to be tackled seriously. This field is very big. We will have to start campaign against all sorts of pollutions. Awareness regarding maintenance of environmental balance is most essential. Media, films, postures, banners, seminars, workshops, debates, dramas, etc. should be organized for creation awareness about maintenance of environmental balance. School going students should also think about their role and responsibility towards this problem.
There is a great contribution of trees in maintenance of environmental balance. More and more trees should be planted during rainy season.

Plantations     [Top]

Trees play an important role for existence of all living beings. They attract clouds and bring rains. Water is the prime requirement of all living beings. Without trees, earth would have been a dead planet of mountains and deserts. Russian space traveler Yuri Gagarin has stated that in the entire cosmos, perhaps earth is the only planet of beautiful greenery. Natural beauty and fertility of land depends upon the existence of trees only. Natural forests have decorated the earth and have given numerous benefactions to living beings. That is why ancient seers have compared the trees with the virtuous men who always remain ready to help the downtrodden. Trees too sacrifice themselves for the various needs of living beings and for human beings in particular.
Spiritual importance of trees :   Indian culture has emphasized greatly on the importance of trees. Peepal, Banyan and Emblica trees are worshipped like deities. In Bhagwad Geeta, lord Krishna has stated that he is Peepal amongst all the trees. This indicates that Peepal trees are treated like a deity. Peepal tree is invariably found near temples. Women in India water it and walk around it to get their prayers fulfilled. Some women apply cotton cord around it to get their prayers fulfilled. Some women apply cotton cord around it for the same purpose. Dried twigs of peepal are used for yagnas (sacrifice). That is why Govt. has banned the felling of Peepal tree. Like Peepal, trees of Emblica and Banyan are also worshipped on the day of Aola Nawami and Vat savitri respectively. This proves the spiritual importance of trees.   
Physical importance of trees:   Trees, not only look beautiful; but they are vey useful also. They keep the atmosphere cool. A tired person feels relaxed under a shade of tree. Trees are the rest houses for the birds.
Trees give fruits in ample quantity and supplement the supply of food. They give us many types of medicines also. These medicines are helpful in maintaining sound health. Trees absorb Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and in return they add oxygen to it. This function of them is like a life savior. Neem is a tree of multifarious medicinal values. It possesses tremendous medicinal qualities. Some of them are blood purification and curing the skin diseases. Besides medicines, we get timber, firewood, gum, green manure and honey from the trees. Trees of mango, jamun, apple, pineapple, banana, custard apple etc. Give fruits in ample quantity and hence supplement the supply of food. Trees are very useful for cattle too. Leaves of peepal, neem, babul, and many others trees make a very good cattle feed. To attract the rain is a miraculous function of trees. We can manufacture lots of life saving medicines from different parts and products of trees. All these qualities of trees are most important for human beings. That is why man treats them like deities.
In Indian culture even trees are also treated with sufficient love and sympathy. Indians believe that trees to have got emotions and sentiment. Sir Jagdishchandra Basu has already proved that trees possess life and they also feel happiness and sorrows.
How to compensate the benefactions of trees:   As a sort of gratitude towards trees, we must love them, protect them and plant them in large number. More will be the trees, more and more natural and financial benefits will be there.
What to do:   Onset of rainy season is best period for planting. Neem seeds should be sown on an earthen bed before commencement of rainy season. Seedlings obtained from these beds should be planted at suitable sites on the rainy day. Every student should select a suitable site for planting. In villages, planting should be done in open places in front of houses, in public places, in the premises of temples, along the blanks of rivers, lakes and canals; along the boundaries of schools, within the campus of Govt. and panchayat buildings etc. No. of plants should be proportional to the area available. If there is a dry spell, plants should be watered daily or on alternate day. Farmyard manure and tank silt should be applied as per the requirement. Plants should be cared till they become established.
Planting can be done on the occasion of birthdays of students. Student and his parents should shoulder responsibility of protection. Planting can be done in the memory of expired relatives also.
Plantation week:   plantation week can be celebrated by collective planting. On this occasion, importance of trees should be explained to audience. Pamphlets can also be printed and distributed for this purpose. Planting can be done at the hands of prominent dignitaries of that area.
Tree felling should be banned:   Our financial development depends upon the density of forests. Land remains fertile when more No. of trees are there; and it becomes infertile when trees are felled. Felling of trees affects the rainfall adversely. If felling of trees is not stopped, the air pollution will increase enormously; and this beautiful planet will get converted into a desert. To prevent all these hazards, we should plant and protect more and more trees. This duty should be given top priority.
In addition to plantation, we should take care of our school premises and keep it clean. Toilets, latrines, building walls and compound walls should also be kept clean.
Wastepaper and other waste material should not be thrown here and there. Make a use of waste paper basket or garbage box. After use, keep the water taps closed.
Make efforts to keep the entire school premise clean. By our own habit of cleanliness, we can maintain the balance of our environment.

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