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Key to Sound Health                                     [Top]

           Healthy body is the inevitable need of human life. Sound health is first condition of happiness. Disabled, diseased and ailing persons cannot enjoy the life. Sound health never depends upon medicines or costly edibles. Health cannot be purchased also. Healthiness depends upon regularity of habits of eating and living. It depends upon physical labor also. Those, who keep their habits of eating and living regular, can enjoy sound health. Hard work and physical exercise prevent us from all sorts of physical problems and we always remain fit.
Importance of Physical Exercise: Like food, regular physical exercise is equally essential for long life. Physical exercise makes concrete base for sound health. It keeps the body fit, strong and proportionate. It keeps the body active and diligent.   
Games: Various sports and games are the best exercise for students. Wrestling, Kabaddi, Football, Hockey etc. are very good exercises. Besides entertainment, these games bring about movements in all parts of the body. Indoor exercises like Table Tennis, Badminton etc. also help in maintaining the sound health. Swimming is best exercise because it keeps the body active. Lungs get strengthened due swimming .Swimming accelerates the rate of blood circulation .Physical exercise accords natural fitness .Regular physical exercise keeps the body fit and strong.
Massage: Massage is also a very good indoor exercise, which helps in keeping the body healthy. It releases the muscular tension and accelerates the rate of blood circulation. Bath is necessary after massage. Take a light exercise after bath also. If feeling tired, stop exercise creates constipation. Heavy exercises are not useful for everybody.
Walking: It is best exercise. It keeps body and mind fit. It is very good for elimination of stomach disorder also. Regular morning walk on a lawn keeps the eye sight fit.
In the morning, taking a cup of milk or fruits juice is enough. Eating every now and then is not at all necessary for good health. Food Should be chewed till it is liquidified.Diet experts say, ’’Drink the food and eat the water”.This means that food should be chewed till it become liquidified and water should be taken gulp by gulp. They further state “Take the food in half the quantity of diet; take water 1/4th quantity of diet. Keep 1/4th part of stomach empty for circulation of gases. Avoid taking pinckles, spices and chillies.Take sour, sweet and creamy food in limited quantity only as they create stomach disorder and blood problem subsequently. Vegetarian food is a natural diet of human being because man is vegetarian by nature .Cereals should from half or one third part of our food.Remanining part of food should include vegetables,fruits,butter,milk,. etc. seasonal fruits are very useful for good health.Mango, Guava, berries, plums, banana, pappya, cucumber, watermelon…etc. remain cheaper and easily available during particular season. Take easily digestible food only. Taking germinated grams and other seeds of cereals is also very nutritive .Avoid taking mutton,beef,pork,fishes,eggs,sweets and sour edibles because they are detrimental to health.Decayed,rotten and unfresh food should not be taken.
Bath: Daily bathing is must for everyone because cleanliness is essential for good health. While bathing care should be taken to clean the skin pores so that sweating becomes easy. Body touching under garments should be washed daily without fail. Bed sheets should be washed frequently. Beds should be dried time to time in hot sun. Toilets and bathrooms should be kept clean by spreading disinfectant. Drainage should also be kept clean. There should not be any blockage in the drainages. All the edibles should be kept covered. Teeth should be brushed after every meal and before going to bed. Food should not be very hot or cold because it is harmful to teeth. Going to bed early and getting up early in the morning is very good for health. Morning walk, physical exercise, massage and bath are very helpful for maintaining good health.
Brahmachary:   Students must prevent the wastage of life force because it brings physical and mental weakness. Then achievement of aim becomes very difficult.
Three habits for maintaining sound health:   Now days, maintenance of sound health has become a general problem. By doing three simple habits man can maintain his normal health. These three habits are:
1. Getting up at the sunrise.
2. Taking one liter of water in the morning.
3. Morning walk.
1.Early to bed and early to rise makes healthy, wealthy and wise. Therefore, students should go to bed before 10.00 p.m. and get up at sunrise.
2.Immediately after getting up take one liter of water. It clears up the passage of Alin Entary canal, regulates the function of kidneys, eyesight remains normal, prevents the loss of hair and keeps the mind active. In this way, the entire body remains fit and healthy.
3.Morning walk provides additional oxygen to brain. By morning walk; body remains healthy, fit and active. It increases longevity of life. Morning walk should be carried out in garden, ground or in open place. Walking bare foot on a lawn before dawn strengthens eyesight.

To remain healthy is a natural phenomenon while remaining ill is an unnatural. When resistance power of body decreases, it becomes vulnerable to infections and diseases. When body is attacked by external infection, there is an open fight between infectious element and body resisting elements. When we keep control over wastage of body energy, keep balance between labor and rest; when we prevent our mind from excitement and anger; when we keep ourselves and our environment clean; we can keep our body and mind healthy. Then only we can prevent ourselves and our environment from the attack of infection and diseases.
To live a natural life means maintaining sound health. Meditation, Pranayama (regulation of breath) should be practiced daily. Life depends upon the life force or prana. Entire universe is full of lifetrons or prana. Life force should not be misunderstood for oxygen. Oxygen is a gas only. It is one of the basic element of the earth. Gas is a physical substance but life force is not a physical substance. Lifetrons is a tiniest unit of cosmic consciousness. By exercising Pranayama, our consciousness gets intensified. Pranayama extends the life span. It regulates the breath. Every one of us must learn the proper procedure of practicing Pranayama.
Procedure of Pranayama: first step of Pranayama is deep inhaling. Next step is allowing the inhale to fill each and every cell of lungs. Next is slow exhaling. Complete the exhaling and wait for some time before next inhale. Procedure of Pranayama should be learnt from an experienced teacher. It should be practiced daily. A particular time should be fixed for Pranayama. It is very good for the maintenance of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Injurious Hazards of Smoking     [Top]

Tobacco is a toxic substance. It causes injuries only. It is never beneficial or enjoyable. Knowing this well, people get addicted to it. Some chew it, some eat it and some smoke it; while some inhale it in form of snuff and some rub it on their teeth. These people simply waste their time and money; and invite the injuries. It is really ridiculous that them man who thinks himself to be the wisest of all the animals, commits such unwise act.
Scientific Analysis of Tobacco: There is no doubt that tobacco plant is poisonous. It contains Nicotine, Coaltar, Carbon monoxide (CO), etc. When these toxic elements get accumulated in the human body, they create diseases like constipation, blood pressure, cough, asthma, sleeplessness, and blindness, diabetes, etc. Smoking at young age makes the boys dwarf, lean and weak. When proportion of these toxic elements rises in the blood, it gives rise to various skin diseases. Tobacco is major cause of dreadful disease like cancer.
After a prolonged research, it has been proved that tobacco is harmful to human body. Psycho scientists too have come to the same conclusion. Addiction to tobacco increases irritation and hypersensitivity.
Tobacco provoke crime tendency:   Police and eyewitnesses have stated that many criminals have admitted that they gathered the courage for committing the crime after smoking only. Criminals have regretted after criminals have admitted that they gathered the courage for committing the crime after smoking only. Criminals have regretted afterwards that if they would not have smoked; perhaps, they would not have committed the crime.
Normally, criminals take liquor before committing the crime so that they can do it without any hesitation. While consuming liquor if they smoke, their criminal tendencies get intensified and they commit the offence easily. Unfortunately, college students are getting addicted to smoking. Smoking is becoming curse to the college student.
Statements of renowned scientist and physicians: Dr. Polling, a Nobel Prize winner, states that smoking reduces the life span by tree times the time spent in smoking. Another renowned scientist states that the person smoking one pack of cigarettes per day reduces his life span by eight years and a person smoking two packs per day reduces his life span by eighteen years. Mrs. Reagon Larser of California University concluded after a detailed research that a smoker reduces his life span by ten years on an average. Lungs of smoker get older by twenty year than that of the non-smoker of the same age. After the age of 40 years, the health of the smoker deteriorates fast. Research wing of Australian Air Force has stated after a test that person smoking 20 or more cigarettes daily, loses his eyesight by 20% of normal eyesight. One more researcher has concluded that a habitual smoker suffers with darkness before his eyes.
National loss due to tobacco cultivation:
There is a tremendous loss due to tobacco cultivation. Daily, tobacco worth Rs.50 millions is smoked in India. This money can very well be utilized for many constructive and productive concerns like education, irrigation, agriculture, etc.
Due to heavy demand, the prices of tobacco have gone very high. This fact has encouraged the farmers to cultivate tobacco in lieu of food grains and vegetables. A large area is brought under tobacco cultivation. It is creating scarcity of food grains and we are forced to import food grains from other countries. That leads to heavy loss of foreign currency.
Undoubtedly, smoking has got its bad effects upon the health of smoker and his family. All others who come in contact of smokers are also get affected badly. Smoker has to suffer financial loss too. By stopping the habit of smoking, this expenditure can be diverted for other essential purposes.
It is seen that children of the smoker also pick up the habit of smoking at an early age. Ladies of such houses start chewing tobacco. Today, there is big craze of chewing pan masala or gutkha. Large No. of young people are getting addicted to this habit and it is destroying their health, wealth and future very fast.
Many people think tobacco chewing is less injurious than smoking, but this is wrong. By smoking, the poison of Nicotine gets spread in the body in the form of smoke, but by chewing tobacco all the toxic ingredients of tobacco get dissolved in the blood system immediately. That is why, body and breath of the tobacco chewier emits peculiar bad smell. Smoker and tobacco chewier always suffer with skin diseases.

How to leave the habit of smoking     [Top]

Now days, large publicity is being made to popularize cigarettes, bidis, and pan masalas; and man is becoming easy prey to these habits. Instead of decreasing, habits of smoking and tobacco chewing it will increase day by day. It is not easy to give up these habits. To get rid of them, one has to determine firmly and leave them gradually. A determined person can do anything. As soon as he comes to know about injuriousness of smoking and tobacco chewing, he stops them at once and never restarts them. Never keep bidi, cigarette or pan masala in homes, then the question of starting or offering them to others will not arise.
Instant advantages of stopping the habits of tobacco chewing and smoking:
1.Blackish color of lips vanishes and original color of lips reappears gradually.
2.Enthusiasm replaces the lethargy. Unrest and instability of mind goes, mind becomes restful and stable.
3.Financial loss is prevented.
4.Loss of health is also prevented.
Therefore, determine firmly and give up the habits of smoking and tobacco chewing. These habits can be left gradually also.
In nutshell, habits of smoking and chewing should be left in the interest of self, family, society and country. It is better for the student not to cultivate the habits of smoking and tobacco chewing because once they have begun; it is very difficult to stop them.

Intoxication is an indication of self-destruction
Intoxication is a deadly enemy of a man. Tobacco, tea, marijuana, hemp, charas, hashish, alcohol, hooch are slow poisons. In the beginning they appear to be pleasurable but sooner or later they bring the death closer.
The intoxicants not only destroy the persons but they destroy the entire nation also. History itself is an evident that Mogul empire collapsed due to alcoholism. Empire of China went down due to morphine and opium. Egypt and ancient Greece also alcoholism is termed as big sin in Hindu religious scriptures.
Unfortunately, today’s youth is attracted towards intoxication of alcoholism and tobacco. Even schooling boys are also getting addicted to tobacco chewing. After getting grown up the take to alcoholism; and gradually become heavy drunkards.
Students are the future citizens of the country. If they become addicted to intoxication, the country will collapse within no time. Therefore, they must keep away from all sorts of intoxication.
Alcoholism is a slow suicide:   It is most unfortunate that more and more people are getting addicted to alcoholism in our country. Alcoholism is neither a matter of pride nor it is nutritional. As soon as it reaches the stomach, its intoxicating effect gets spread up all over the body. Then the man becomes thoughtless, crazy, stupid, aggressive and criminal. Sometimes, he starts doing shameless acts also.
Alcoholic people argue that alcohol is an appetizer and digestive. Actually, it putrefies the food in the stomach and in the intestine. Consequently, inner walls of stomach and intestine also get putrefied slowly. Gradually, the entire digestive system becomes functionless. This gives rise to several disorders of stomach and intestine. Ultimately, the man becomes the victim of premature death. Some people are under impression that liquor increases the physical strength. It is true that after consumption of alcohol body and mind are stimulated extraordinarily. But this does not add to physical strength. On the other hand the consumer feels weak and dull when intoxication is over. But when this habit becomes an abdication, the concerned person cannot perform his normal duties without taking liquor.
In western countries, people take alcohol because they have to live in severe cold conditions. But now they have also come to conclusion that this concept is wrong. Under the influence of intoxication, mind cannot work properly. Therefore, students should never take to alcoholism. Otherwise, they will lose their health, wealth, prudence, intelligence and valuable time of their life.
Intoxication of Betel and Gutkha: Habits of chewing betel and pan masala is growing very fast amongst young people. Some people presume it to be status symbol. Even school going students are falling prey to Gutkha and Pan Masala. They are not aware of injuriousness of these substances.
After chemical analysis it has been found that the betel leaves contains toxic elements like Pyorine, Pyoridine, Eirecolin, Pyriventine etc. it has been stated that the poison obtained from 285 betel leaves can kill a dog within 5 minutes; 58 betel leaves with Catha, Lime and Tobacco also contains equal quantity of toxic elements. Betel with tobacco is very harmful to human health.
Excessive betel chewing reduces the diet. It has got very detrimental effect on teeth also, 90% of betel and gutka chewers lose their teeth prematurely. Chewing betel with tobacco is one of the causes of cancer also.
Tea is also a slow poison:   Today’s civilized world has adapted to the habit of tea and coffee. Taking tea and coffee is most common and this habit has entered almost all the houses in the world. Most of the students have also become habituated of taking tea. Coffee and tea contain toxic elements harmful to health.
Tea contains two toxic elements; Tannin and Caffeine. Taste of tea is due to tannin. It is harmful to human health. It adversely affects the digestion. Caffeine excites the nervous system.
Alcohol and tea are equally injurious to human health. Tea causes constipation and affects the palpitation of heart. Those, who are habitual of taking tea is formed, the person feels to take it frequently. Very strong tea can cause death also. Therefore, habit of tea should be avoided.
Marijuana, Hemp and Hashish are very harmful. These are vastly spread in rural areas. Just like few Sadhus spread this intoxication throughout the country. In villages, wherever these Sadhus go, they invite the innocent villagers for enjoying these intoxicating substances and this habit spreads like an epidemic.
Marijuana, Hemp and Hashish are extremely intoxicating and contain toxic elements. They provoke the evil tendencies also. They make the person weaker and create stomach disorders. They are very harmful to mind. Such a person becomes incapable of doing business or service. He becomes incompetent to shoulder important responsibilities or to tackle difficult situations. Unfortunately, the rural population is becoming addicted to these habits. Their future is becoming darker day by day.
Opium is most detrimental: Like alcohol, tobacco and betel, opium taking is also a bad habit. Its intoxication can be dreadful if it is taken in excess. In villages of India, it is given to children for sleeping or during the fever. But mostly it is used for intoxication only. When it is given to children, they remain in subconscious state. Their health starts deteriorating. Their body and mind become weaker. After getting addicted to opium, no medicine works on them. Such children can not concentrate on their studies also because their memory becomes weaker. Therefore, students should always keep away from opium.
Cocaine:   Intoxication of cocaine is extremely dangerous to human health. It contains dreadful and injurious toxic elements. Dr. Bennett has stated that cocaine affects respiratory organs, blood vessels and intestine. Such people do not feel like eating. They become very weak and desperate. People get addicted to it within very short time. Lust of cocaine is unending. This habit leads to immature death. Today, persons of high society and their children too are falling prey to this habit.
We must be aware that all types of intoxications are extremely injurious to health. Therefore, students should keep away from all the intoxicating elements so that they can achieve their coveted aim of their life.

Brahamcharya     [Top]

Brahmacharya means dweling with cosmic soul. In other words, going towards the Supreme Being by observing body control and mind control. This should be the prime aim of the human life. Ordinary people can not achieve this aim because it needs prolonged practice. Controlled indulgence in lust seeking is the another meaning of Brahmacharya actually, Brahmacharya is a kind of observance and penance.
Advantages of Brahmacharya:   By observing Brahmacharya, memory and intellectuality get sharpened. Brahmacharya prevents the wastage of life force. It intensifies the power of grasping and concentrating. It increases moral power also. Such person becomes self reliant, fearless, and courageous. When Brahmacharya is practiced right from the school going stage, body, mind and soul remain healthy, pure and holy respectively. Life becomes full of self-competence and joyous enthusiasm.
Brahmacharya is an penance:   Brahmacharya is a sort of penance only. Bhishma of Mahabharata had practiced brahmacharya for the entire life. He was blessed with the power of desired death.
Brahmacharya is aqua vitae:   whatever is beautiful, splendorous, intelligent and excellent in this world; it is due to brahmacharya only. Those, who observe brahmacharya, always remain energetic, self-competent and victorious. Such people can face any adverse situation. They remain full of vigor, vitality and splendor. On the other hand, those who neglect or ignore brahmacharya, have to face defeat everywhere.
Brahmacharya is a real treasure:
Brahmacharya is a treasure which, once lost; can not be regained. Then the life gets shortened. Sages and seers have cautioned the human beings not to lose brahmacharya at any cost. Loss of brahmacharya means invitation to weakness, ailment and death itself. Those who observe brahmacharya live long life and enjoy every moment of their life.
Extravagance leads to worst consequences:
Inferiority complex and guilty consciousness dominate him, who does not observe brahmacharya. He cannot put his heart in any work. He becomes lethargic, weak and vulgar. He likes to see vulgar scenes. He seeks great pleasure in reading vulgar books. He becomes interested in lust seeking only. Such a person can never study sincerely. Neither he studies himself nor he allows others to study. Students must keep away from such colleagues and friends.
In the above paragraph we have discussed about the mental condition of those persons who do not observe brahmacharya. Now we will see what happens to his physical health. His body becomes weak. Skin gets faded. Curls appear on face. Eyes become lusterless. Pimples appear on the face. Pain in joints, palms sweating, constant constipation, darkness before eyes, feeling tired after little physical labor etc. are common symptoms. Some times such persons are attacked by venereal disuses also. Students should observe brahmacharya inevitably. Brahmacharya makes the man splendorous.
Brahmacharya saves vital strength:   Transition from adolescence to youth is very crucial stage. If a young person prevents himself from bad habits at this stage; he can achieve his aims without any hurdles. Today, lots of allurements are found around the young boys and girls. Brahmacharya leads to good character and strong personality. Be self-controlled; your vitality will be protected automatically.
Television, movies, pornography and vulgar literature are destroying the future of today’s youth. These elements are spreading vulgarity among the youth and spoiling their habits and health. On television, view the programs of healthy entertainment only. Viewing nudity and vulgarity will ruin your future. Learn to choose positive and creative programs on televisions and movies; and view them only.
Ways to observe Brahmacharya:
1.Get up before sunrise; go for morning walk or running.
2.Practice the exercises of yogic postures (Yogasanas)
3.Take germinated seeds in breakfast. Avoid taking oily, spicy and sour food.
4.Avoid reading vulgar books. Avoid pornography. Keep away from lustfulness.
5.Be proud to be a self-controlled person. Let your thoughts and acts be pure and virtuous.
6.Possess good moral character. Behave respectfully with girls.
7.Do not take much interest in actresses and dancers.
8.Be righteous, courteous and virtuous. Motivate others also to be so.
9.Never forget the death and do not get attached to physical body only because it is mortal.
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