Student Life

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Student Life

     Real students are those who learn their lessons sincerely. Aim of study should be very clear. Once Vinoba Bhave asked a student “what are you going to do after your studies?” Student replied “I have not thought about my future, I am simply studying now”. Next year Vinoba Bhave asked same question again to the same student and he gave the same reply. Thought the above student was attending his classes regularly, he never thought about his future. He was studying aimlessly. Therefore, he cannot be termed as real student. He was merely performing the formality of attending the classes because his father got him admitted to the school .He was not serious about the result also. Attending the school without any aim is like roaming in the jungle.

He, who has got thrust for wisdom, who has fixed a specific aim and who has determined to achieve his aim, is a real student. Studying   half-heartedly is wastage of time and money. Passing examinations by hook or crook in not worth. Numbers of students waste their life like this only. Neither they achieve any aim nor do they any good to others also. In fact, learning is a type of penance. It purifies and refines the student by sharpening his intellectuality. It unfolds his personality.

Students should be alert like a crow, he has to have concentration like stork, he should sleep like a dog, he should take minimum essential diet and he should be free from materialistic liabilities. Wisdom is related to mind and intellect. A student has to have a definite daily routine. A particular time should be fixed for purification of mind and intensification of intellect in daily routine.

Get up before sunrise: - A student should get up before sunrise. As soon as he leaves the bed, he should offer his gratitude to God for bestowal of human life. He should remember his aim and determine for its achievement. He should make a list of that day’s appointments according to their priorities.

Morning duties and light physical exercise:  In the morning, take at least one liter of water before going to toilet. Take a light physical exercise. Clean the teeth. Sponge the body well while talking bath. That keeps the body enthusiastic and energetic; intellectuality gets sharpened.

Pranayama, a breath regulation:  Whatever enthusiasm, fervor, potential and diligence are found in man; are due to his prana or lifetrons only. Pranayama is done for intensification of prana. Prana is, omnipresent. It exists everywhere. When we breathe, we inhale lifetrons along with the mixture of gases. Practice of Pranayama provides additional lifetrons to the body. Select a spacious place in the house. Sit in the lotus posture. Keep both the hands in the lap. Keep left palm on lower side and right palm on it. Start inhaling steadily as long as possible. Stop inhaling and allow the inhaled breath to move inside the lungs. Release the breath slowly and wait for sometime before next inhale. Proportion of inhaling, waiting and exhaling should be 1:2:1. This exercise intensifies Prana or life force and life span is extended.

Grandeur and splendor are aggrandized. Concentration becomes deeper. Grasping power and memory also get sharpened. Therefore, Pranayama or regulation of breath should be practiced daily.

Swadhyay or self study     [Top]

To acquire knowledge, to apprehend the depth of topic, to improvise the power of memory and to represent the subject effectively; regular Swadhyay or self study is most essential. Reading should be a continuous process. Whatever is to be taught in the classroom should be read well in advance at home and tried to follow it. When the same subject is dealt with in the classroom, it is easy to grasp it. Therefore, reading the lessons before going to school should be made as habit. Whatever is not followed should be asked to teacher in the classroom. Never hesitate to ask your difficulties to the teacher. There is a comprehensive lesson on the topic of self study in this book elsewhere. Read it and follow it.

While in school     [Top]

Following instructions are to be followed by each and every student:
1. Follow the instructions of teachers.
2. Behave cordially with colleagues.
3. Put your heart in learning the lesson.
4. Do your homework without fail. When a student follows these instructions sincerely, his capability and competence get improved.
Learning period:  Learning is a most important aspect of student life. During this period only, his intelligence, intellectuality and character get developed. On this basis only he can achieve higher aims of his life. If this period is wasted in unfruitful activities, students, who learn their lessons sincerely and punctually, become capable and competent. They acquire specific potential to perform any important task given to them. Not only they make a rapid progress by themselves, they can face and tackle any type of difficult situation and overcome it.

Friendship : Never make friends without testing them. Friendship is a very important factor because students always acquire good or bad habits from their friends only. If you make friendship with bad person you are going to be affected by his bad habits.

    Once habits are spoiled, it becomes very difficult to leave them. Bad student makes others bad and distracts them from their right path. Then both of them start committing evil deeds and make each-other’s future dark.

Beware of vulgarity :  Vulgarity begins by staring at each other with bad intention. It goes on growing by talking and touching. Then peculiar imagination takes charge of mind and students get diverted from their studies. All the time he or she thinks about opposite sex only. It is, therefore, very essential to keep away from vulgarity. Be prudent. Live like a lotus in the mud. Never look at others with lustful or longing desires. Be proud of being a strong charactered person.

Remember : Do not allow the stray thoughts to enter your mind. Never get indulged in vulgarity. Do not waste a single moment of your life. Do not give any room to evil thoughts. Never insult others.
Be gentle and polite. Try to speak truth only. Keep smiling. Respect elders. Keep company of knowledgeable persons only. Adapt principle of simple living and high thinking. Behave cordially with others. Keep patience, be brave. First think and then act. Behave like a matured person.
Depth of knowledge and affability in behavior bring greatness to the character. Greatness should be an ultimate aim of student life.

Learn the Prudence     [Top]

Work is never big or small.
Those who ignore this are really small.
Nobody is higher or lower by birth.
Nobody is untouchable by birth.
God has made all equal.
Everybody is global.
There is no discrimination of caste, creed or colour.
All are brothers together.
Peaceful coexistence is beneficent symbiosis.
Live peacefully and let others do so.
Never think bad. Never do bad
Let everybody prosper.
Learn this prudence.
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