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We through BSGP wish to mould the basic structure of education in Indian schools to cater to the point made in number 3 above. We are modulating the curriculum in accordance to the demand of the times. Schools need to strongly value “peaceful coexistence with people from other cultures” and “pride for the country, the national anthem, and national flag.”

We have devised a curriculum which encourages students to feel pride for their country, and respect for the national culture, national anthem and the flag, with themes like “Proud to Be Indian, fostering the spirit of nationalism, love of our ancient civilization, and teaching the biography of the eminent people of India.

“Respect for the teacher (standing while talking to him/her)” is a core Indian value that still persists but in patches “Our vision of universal values program will help students develop the values, principles, and ethics that are respected, admired, and accepted in all cultures around the world. Students have to be taught healthy social attitudes and a spirit of humanity, providing the ethical foundations and social skills to guide them through life.” To achieve this, the schools have to undertake a “variety of activities and experiences based on the understanding of universal values, which teaches students to make positive contributions to their peers, their schools, and the community.”

The celebration of Indian festivals and important days in Indian history requires apprising students of their cultural significance. We have incorporated this in BSGP books.

“Honesty,” “truthfulness,” “care and concern for other’s rights,” “brotherhood,” and “frequent prayer calls” are other values that our schools need to emphasize to students. Therefore, it is very clear that the students in Indian schools adhere to educational and cultural value systems and their schools emphasize these values through various programs and activities.

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